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Together with L9 (2017)

Salam everyone! 

So, maybe this is the last entry I update dekat Dengkil because after this, I dah graduate!!! from foundation level... hihi

Last semester, I kelas L15. After final exam result keluar mana pelajar L15 yang lulus 3 pointer ke atas kena tukar kelas and masuk je mana-mana kelas yang ada kosong ikut turutan nama L15. 

So, yang masuk L9 ialah me, myself and I, Hana, Emir and Sarah. All of us from L15. 

Okay enough with introduction. 

Masa mula-mula masuk L9, I was like "what the hell with all the people in this class, duh."

I tetap nak stay with L15 masa tu sebab ada Jamie (my housemate) and tak biasa. 
Bila ada group assignment, I nak buat with these ex-L15 je, tanak campur. 

Sebab cerita cam dramatik sikit and nak bagi senang, so I pecahkan ikut sections. 

Assignment's Groups

1. Law 087's video assignment

Ni 1st group I dapat with budak L9. Dalam group ni dorang dah memang member baik so I feel macam left out sikit. So, susah nak ngam sebab I memang lambat bercampur :'(
Mula-mula bincang okay je bagi bahagian masing-masing. 


something bad happened between us and I ended up buat solo assignment for this subject. 
I was totally glad! This is what I want even nama buruk la sikit masa tu. My lecturer sangat memahami so I berusaha buat yang terbaik for this assignment. It was about video presentation. 

Nak buat video gila susah and memang tak pernah buat pun before this sebab asyik pakai power point je. 

Thanks to my helper; Ammar Riffdy
my actresses; Hana, Sarah and Emir
my cameraman ; Ayuni
and my video software helper ; Aqil

The result is, I got the highest mark for the video which is 19/20. 

2. Forum/Debate Group
(me, myself and I, Dayana, Kemi, Aqil & Iddin)

Mula-mula I was awkward af and when diorang suruh bagi idea nak buat forum tajuk apa, I bagi je and dorang accepted it tanpa banyak bunyi and terus buat kerja. 
Masa debate part, kiteorang dapat ahli baru (Kemi) and this time lagi best. I will miss you guys ;'(

3. Group ex-L15
(me, Hana, Emir & Sarah)

Okay kiteorang banyak kali group sama-sama sebab senang nak buat kerja. Bestlah sebab dah kenal semua. Paling best time CTU punya presentation sebab malam tu semua barai gila esok nya bila present macam orang gila. Nasib baik carry marks tinggi uollss hohohoh

This is the best group ever yang I pernah work with it!

Good People

1- The first ever people from L9 I've ever talked to is.... AYUNI :) Because she said she was a fan of anime. I take that as a modal to talk to her and we instantly becomes a friend! WEEE

she's so cute and she's my supplier to my superloaded anime's dramas & movies!

I am gonna miss youuuuuuuu

2- DAYANA! OMG OMG this gurllllll she's like in a successful woman's outfits. Only her can pull off that look without even trying. She's so kind and gently. Every time she talk to you, you feel like you can't stop looking at her because she's pretty and you can see her kindness even when she's talking. (I AIN'T PERVERT!)

3- Aqil & Iddin - Okay, both of them seriously pandai nak mampos and sangat cepat pick-up. Bila time forum/debate semua tulis point je bila time nak foru,/debate terus boleh elaborate. GILA kan! dah la dua-dua cool je. Okay I really senang bekerja with both of them :)

4- Aishah - siapa boleh beat this girl? SHE'S a beauty with brain. Bila dia bercakap je orang dah tahu what kind of person she's. I really look up into her sebab she's so elegant.

UPDATED : I think dah habis kot! yay!
(ok nanti sambung) (tak janji) sorry busy with final


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